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StefanDavidWarren I'd rather most of my hard earned (and admittedly) filthy lucre went to an actual artist, than to someone who cares more about my filthy lucre than the artist, or even art. Besides this album is lovely. Favorite track: She'd Never Know.
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Written from 2009-2011


released November 1, 2011

Cody Weber, Ein Astronaut, Brittany Soldo



all rights reserved


Wren Iowa

The official discography of Cody Weber's electronic project, WREN.

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Track Name: She'd Never Know
I know it's not my turn to
be dead when everyone just slips away
I wake again now and feel your breathing body
Your emptiness inside my head
in creeping in up on the bed

and you want me?

This can't be undone. You're here but I'm gone. Always the same. You're talking to me? You're talking to me. I feeling nothing. I feel...

and you want me?
Track Name: The Shakes
So say there's nothing wicked about a man with so much hope
But just for himself, it's the means in which he comes to distract him from himself. Thanks for the hell, but I won't need it!

So say there's nothing wicked about a land with so much hope
But just for itself, it's the means in which we come to distract us from ourselves. So thanks for the help.

So tidy up the truth, abandoned like you like because it's only truth to those you tell it to, whether or not it was. And there is something about me that is a risk to you. I think something about that is true.
Track Name: Stiff
We're stiff and stale -- like the smoke in my lungs, we are destined for the wind
We are adrift and burnt -- if this is the bottom, then why am I lost again?

We're spent and I'm inclined to divide myself from the world. Abyss will become divine tonight.
We're stiff and stale -- miles away from the moment you were mine.

You were mine.

Just eclipsed by the struggle that shines in the dark
Nowhere is where we end with heavy-laden hearts
Track Name: Crooked Teeth
I've made a mess
She cleans me up
I dirty everything I touch

and she's ugly when she touches me

and she's ugly when she touches me

My shining light!
Polluted sea!
The wave of infidelity!

And she's ugly when she touches me

I've made a mess I cannot clean

From birth to death and in between
I did not say a god damn thing

I've made a mess I cannot clean!
She's ugly when she touches me
Track Name: A Philistine on the Sidewalk
In and out, I always fade
Dream about love I haven't made
In lieu of truth, I must confess
that in my head I still undress you

The skies are rotted here
The skies are rotted here

Church pews and painted bricks
No view, just consequence
Not new, just violent
Not you, malevolent

The skies are rotted here