Rainy Days (Cut)

by Wren

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Cut / Remixed version of my first record.


released September 2, 2009

Cody Weber, Jack Conte, bZa



all rights reserved


Wren Iowa

The official discography of Cody Weber's electronic project, WREN.

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Track Name: Abusing Sunshine
ake that bloody cigarette away
from her lips before they decay
You know what they say?
Oh well, I guess I don't, either

Take the casket from my chest
In flower fields that are now bereft
Believe in me, I'll rip you off because
I don't really love you either

Take that bloody cigarette away
Smoking through a hole in her neck
Smoking words with clear intent
Because I am not that witty, either

The sky is drowning in the trees
Our bodies hanging in the breeze
No life as far as I can see
We're free

I don't care if you bother me
I don't care because honestly
I'm at peace with myself

I won't give in, I will not sleep again!

and she crammed her body, jet lagged into an over-night
storage bin
fighting mosquito bites and a lupus flare, she stared into
the uncanny puddle that was her life
the evergoing struggles that became a knife
severing friendships
and blistering the most calloused of palms
biting the middle finger
that fed her ever so often

I was afraid and feeling guilty
she had it made, her legs were filthy
and i had a dirty mind
just in time
for the moon to fuck her
and for the sun to fuck my skin
cancer within, though i didnt know it
didnt show one ounce of mercy
as the flies consumed her flesh
and her mind turned nothing
when the time did turn
its back on us
Track Name: A Girl Who Misses Much
Balloon-like anchors keep me grounded
and suspended above for all for see

The yarn unraveling, what you'll never understand
is that I almost forgot to breathe!

The sky was violet
It was violent
Maybe that was just me

The grass was dead, once came from dirt
But what's it supposed to be?

I was wet when my dreams turned color
My eyes turned over me
Track Name: A Part of Me
Who you gonna save and watcha gonna say?
Are you gonna say anything?
Who you want to fuck and who you want to love
Who you think you're going to marry

I don't want to breathe, I just want to see how the insides of you exist
Tell me, do you miss the pain from a blister; rosemary machine?

Tell me how to breathe. Just tell me.

Suddenly it's there and suddenly I'm bare
Naked and I'm dug up from the ground
Dirty from the dirty mud and the raining hail above
knocked me cold under this willow tree

Why won't you talk to me? Do I not have a voice? Have I ever said a word to you?
Well, it sure is good to see you melting warm into the ground!
Sandbox, I've found something so beautiful
so beautiful

so beautiful, it goes away

Where you gonna be when the sun stops shining?
Digging in the dirt or burnt out trying?
Where you gonna be when the asphalt sun blisters us one-by-one-by-one

so beautiful, it goes away
It goes away.
It goes away without you.